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Our vision

Together, we’re on a 10-year mission to tackle global issues and change the course of history.

10-year mission

Join us on a mission to change the world by 2030.

We’re helping young leaders tackle the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We have until 2030 to achieve the 17 SDGs. Each year, we’ll focus on a different goal to engage our global community in using technology to build a better world.

Build a more sustainable future

Solve problems with technology

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You've got this.

Through our annual Challenges, you can build up your digital skills to create global impact.

Current Challenge

Health & Well-being

In this Challenge, we will be using digitals skills and coding, while focusing on data science, data visualization and digital art, to explore SDG #3 "Good Health and Well-being".


  • Data visualization
  • Algorithmic art
  • Coding

A word about Digital Moment

Founded in 2013 by Kate Arthur, Digital Moment (formerly Kids Code Jeunesse) is a Canadian-based charity and a global leader in mobilizing communities to build a better future through digital skills education.

Digital Moment focuses on creating programs and experiences for youth and their communities on digital skills like coding, artificial intelligence, algorithm and data literacy.

Digital Moment includes three educational initiatives: Kids Code Jeunesse, Digital2030, and a social innovation lab.

Momentous change needs: