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See what the teens had to say when we asked them what youth can do to reduce inequality.

What can youth like yourself do to reduce inequality?

Nina: "There are actually a lot of ways for us to aid inequality, especially for privileged youth or youth that have this time on their hands. It’s more so, like, offering yourself to help other people."

Nathaniel: "The easiest thing to say is to stop war. Once war is stopped, then we can start advancing humanities, because war is just draining our money away—money that can be used in education, health, social work. Money that can be used to reduce inequality."

Azka: "Increase digital literacy through knowledge of AI to communities that otherwise wouldn’t have this information, by making sure that other people from other parts of the world are aware about the different advantages that AI offers and are able to harness those benefits as well."

Lilas: "Just recognizing that there are inequalities can help reduce them. And by talking to each other and trying to counter that, if you’re the person who was put on a pedestal and favored, try to counter that situation by talking about how it’s not equal for other people, etc., because often those who are in a situation of inequality are listened to much less, so realizing it and talking about it [could help]."

Quan: "First thing we should do is to have deeper knowledge about that."

Maya: "Speak up about it. Speak about it, talk about it. Help out. Volunteer. You might just be one person, but you’re one person that’s putting yourself into it."

Youth voices matter.

Make yours heard.

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